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Should you not find your answers here, call us!
We are available Monday-Friday 6:00AM to 3:00PM (carpenter’s hours) and often on Saturday until 11:00AM. To schedule a factory tour, lunch presentation, planning session, budget estimate or for any other question or concern, please contact us at (510)434-0727 or email info@design-workshops.com.

Design Workshops prefers to negotiate projects based upon the scope and overall goal.
This allows for a fully engaged interaction with the: Design team, General Contractor, Owner and/or Owner Representative.

Project management in the early stages of Design Development has proven the best strategy, achieving optimum efficiency:
• Meeting the aesthetic goals,
• Addressing the environmental issues,
• Selecting and coordinating the various trades,
• Scheduling to prevent overtime hours when unnecessary, and most importantly…
• Preventing cost overruns, keeping you on budget and saving the client money.


FSC ® materials will be used in custom millwork upon request.
Please inquire about availability.


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